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Payment Manager

Datacom's Payment Manager provides a PCI compliant ePayments capability offering merchants a single supplier, "one stop shop" for payments from your website, contact centre, IVR, Messaging or back end systems and one that is easily tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Datacom Payment Gateway process flow

Datacom Payment Manager has three main components:

  1. Web forms, TXT and IVR interfaces are available for customers to make credit or debit card payments, either through Datacom Online service or web platforms or a standalone web site, Mobile or IVR system.
  2. Web forms that allow customers to register to make regular payments to merchants using direct debits or scheme debit and credit cards. Customer details are securely tokenised to ensure the privacy of personal information.
  3. An Administration system that enables merchant staff to manage payment transactions. This includes the ability for staff to make one-off payments, to provide refunds, create reports and to administer access to the payments service.

The Datacom Payment Gateway is charged on a simple fixed fee per transaction processes basis. If you are using Datacom Online service or Web platforms there will typically be no integration fee from Datacom for connection to your bank.

Datacom will work with your bank to ensure a speedy set up.


Customer website

  • One off payments using credit or scheme debit cards
  • Customers can register for recurring payments using direct debits or scheme credit and debit cards
  • Tightly integration with Datacom Online service and Web platforms
  • Easily integrated with other corporate systems such as financials

Payments admin website

  • Manage and reconcile payment transactions using a secure payments administration system
  • Process refunds and make one off payments using a secure web based portal
  • Administer user access to your payment service and its features

Multi Bank

  • Connect to ANZ, ASB, BNZ or Westpac in New Zealand
  • Connect to ANZ, CBA, NAB or Wespac in Australia


  • Supports web browser, mobile contact centre and IVR based payments allowing you to create a payments service to meet the needs of your entire customer demographic
  • Supports Visa and MasterCard scheme credit and debit cards offered by local banks as well as American Express, JCB and Diners
  • Customer registration section allows the set up of recurring payments using direct debit as well as scheme credit and debit cards
  • Secure tokenisation of customer payment intrument details means you don't need to store customer payment information within your systems
  • Easily integrated with your other core systems allowign new payment features to be quickly implemented
  • Comprehensive payments administration website allowing you complete control over your payments processing and reconciliation functions
  • Payment security features inbuilt, including our PCI DSS compliant gateway, ensuring you have the lowest complient footprint possible while still meeting your payment service requirements
  • Optional access to a world leading Fraud Management system offering decision management, payer authentication and verification and regulatory compliance
  • Payments consulting service to help you define and manage your payments processing environment efficiently
  • PCI compliance advice and support from our specialist Datacom security team
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  • Enable registered customers to authorise payment requests you make via TXT, email or mobile apps
  • Tightly integrated with Datacom Online service and web platforms
  • Integrate with your existing website
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  • Simple, mobile device friendly interface to managing PCI compliance tasks
  • Assign tasks by role
  • Automated notification system to alert staff when an action is due
  • Track completion of tasks
  • Track multiple projects with a single account

Message Manager

Most modern corporate messaging systems are built to reach stationary audiences, largely via email. The Datacom Message Gateway enables businesses to extend their reach to effectively and efficiently inform, alert and interact with staff and customers where they are, in NZ and beyond.

High adoption rates of mobile phones and the popularity of SMS messaging provide an opportunity to extend the reach of traditional enterprise messaging systems. Sms messaging is an effective channel that can be used in various ways to save you time and money, from automating high volume marketing messages, to taking over complex, personalised CRM communciations and transaction management.

  • Secure & simple SMS gateway connectivity
  • Cost effective means of communication with customer & staff base
  • Personalisation of messages based on your requirements
  • Connected to Telecom, Skinny, Vodafone and 2Degress
  • Independent gateway from any telecommunications company
  • Re-try delivery feature
  • Priorities can be applied to certain messages or services
  • Active-active environment
  • Diverse demographic & infrastructure options
  • 24 x 7 monitoring
  • International connectivity
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Enables automated and intelligent two way communication from email accounts to SMS mobile devices. This enables you to send SMS messages via any email software. Once the sending email account has been registered, SMS messages can be sent either manually or automatically to a single mobile device or a group of mobile devices, then have them respond (optional) to the originating email address. A user friendly administration web portal allows for easy management of who can send SMS messages and who is included in your recipient group(s).

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Send and receive SMS messages between your web browser and mobile devices belonging to an individual or a group. Be flexible and interact with customers or staff from any location without installing any software. The browser interface can be used to manage campaigns and surveys, or shift workers, etc.

2-Factor Authentication

Remove the need for expensive and separate key tags for Remote Security Authentication. Strong authentication allows you to enable more applications and users for remote access, delivering business benefits.

Alerts and Notifications

Delivers alarms and alerts to mobile devices from applications for monitoring and support purposes.