Payment Manager

Datacom's Payment Manager provides a PCI compliant ePayments capability offering merchants a single supplier, "one stop shop" for payments from your website, contact centre, IVR, Messaging or back end systems and one that is easily tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Datacom Payment Gateway process flow

Datacom Payment Manager has three main components:

  1. Web forms, TXT and IVR interfaces are available for customers to make credit or debit card payments, either through Datacom Online service or web platforms or a standalone web site, Mobile or IVR system.
  2. Web forms that allow customers to register to make regular payments to merchants using direct debits or scheme debit and credit cards. Customer details are securely tokenised to ensure the privacy of personal information.
  3. An Administration system that enables merchant staff to manage payment transactions. This includes the ability for staff to make one-off payments, to provide refunds, create reports and to administer access to the payments service.

The Datacom Payment Gateway is charged on a simple fixed fee per transaction processes basis. If you are using Datacom Online service or Web platforms there will typically be no integration fee from Datacom for connection to your bank.

Datacom will work with your bank to ensure a speedy set up.