Payments web service

  • Supports web browser, mobile contact centre and IVR based payments allowing you to create a payments service to meet the needs of your entire customer demographic
  • Supports Visa and MasterCard scheme credit and debit cards offered by local banks as well as American Express, JCB and Diners
  • Customer registration section allows the set up of recurring payments using direct debit as well as scheme credit and debit cards
  • Secure tokenisation of customer payment intrument details means you don't need to store customer payment information within your systems
  • Easily integrated with your other core systems allowign new payment features to be quickly implemented
  • Comprehensive payments administration website allowing you complete control over your payments processing and reconciliation functions
  • Payment security features inbuilt, including our PCI DSS compliant gateway, ensuring you have the lowest complient footprint possible while still meeting your payment service requirements
  • Optional access to a world leading Fraud Management system offering decision management, payer authentication and verification and regulatory compliance
  • Payments consulting service to help you define and manage your payments processing environment efficiently
  • PCI compliance advice and support from our specialist Datacom security team